Learn How to Choose Your First Musical Instrument

ma_logo_9Learning how to play an instrument is both fun and rewarding. Some people get into music with the hopes of working in the music industry and others simply do it for fun. Regardless of your desire, when you are first starting out, it is important to ensure you choose the musical instrument that is right for you.

MusicWhile you may already have a basic concept about what variety of musical instrument you want to learn how to play, it is a good idea to look into all the available options. Here are some tips for helping you choose your first musical instrument.

There are technically hundreds of different musical instruments that you could learn how to play. It would take multiple articles to cover all of them. To simplify the process, we are going to narrow down the list into a different categories and include some of the more popular instruments. Browse through these tips, and then start learning how to play your new instrument.


String Instruments

String instruments include guitar, banjo, bass guitar, the ukulele, and other similar instruments. While the majority of these instruments are commonly used in popular music, they can also occasionally be found in classical music and jazz. If you are currently enrolled in school and looking for an instrument to play, jazz band should accommodate the use of a bass guitar and a standard guitar. If you choose string instruments, you may want to start with a six-string guitar, as it is the most popular choice, and therefore has the most available resources and lesson online.


Brass Instruments

Music (3)Another group that can commonly be found in jazz band is brass instruments. A number of these instruments also appear in most orchestras. The typical definition of a brass instrument is an instrument that has a long, metallic tube and a mouthpiece. Brass instruments include trombones, trumpets, tubas, horns, and the saxophone. Learning how to play a brass instrument can be a lot of fun, and is used in a wide range of musical genres.

Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind instruments, like brass instruments, typically have a mouthpiece. The main difference between brass and wood is the material that is used. Wood wind instruments include flutes, harmonicas, and the clarinet. Woodwind instruments are not as popular as some of the other options, so it gives the opportunity to stand out in a group of a musicians and offer something unique, but you may find it more difficult to find useful resources online.


The Piano

The piano is perhaps one of the most popular instruments that you could choose. It is often taught to children, and people of all ages. It is a great starting instrument for learning the basics of reading sheet music and understanding how to keep a beat with other musicians. You should also have no trouble finding a piano teacher or lessons in your immediate area. After learning how to play a piano, you may teach yourself how to play an organ, a keyboard, or an accordion.

That pretty much covers the most popular varieties of musical instruments and the instruments that you are likely to find taught in school systems across the country. By choosing one of these instruments, you have better chances of finding lessons, articles, and tips online; though, these are not the only instruments out there. Once you learn the basics of any of these instruments, you could branch out and pick up a new instrument with a similar style or that comes from the same family of instruments. If you have any questions about choosing an instrument, feel free to leave a message below.